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Construction Activity Information

Construction Outlook (June 5 – June 15, 2018) Work schedule subject change based on weather or other factors

For inquiries relating to Green Line Extension construction work please use our Construction Hotline - 1-855-GLX-INFO (459-4636) - 24/7 Coverage. For all other Green Line Extension inquiries please contact the project at

Nighttime Track Maintenance & Construction

TARGET START: Work Underway

Duration: Early May – mid-June

Purpose of Work: The purpose of this work is to remove, replace, and relocate sections of train track, switches, and signaling devices inside the MBTA right-of-ways in:

  • Medford/Somerville, along the Lowell Line between the Winthrop and Cedar Street Bridges.
  • Somerville, along the Fitchburg Line in the vicinity of the Brickbottom Artists Association building at Fitchburg Street and McGrath Highway.
  • Somerville, along New Washington Street from the Boston Engine Terminal near Inner Belt Road to the Washington Street Bridge.

The work is part of the final stages of an Early Works Contract now underway in preparation for the construction of the GLX project.

Approach: The rationale for the timing and duration of this nighttime activity is to take advantage commuter rail outages scheduled on weekend nights during the next 6 weeks. Nighttime work is anticipated on weekends in certain areas, however, nighttime work is not currently planned during the week. Daytime construction will continue throughout this period, 7 days per week.

The MBTA will provide advanced notice of nighttime work whenever possible and will publish changes in schedule should they occur.

Impacts: Night time construction work will involve work lights, equipment operation noise, and vehicle backup alarms.

Benefits: Moves this important phase of the project forward in an efficient manner.

Clearing and Grubbing (tree/brush clearing & stump/trash removal)

TARGET START: Work underway

Duration: First phase - approximately 30 days. Initial tree clearing on East Side complete

Areas impacted: The bulk of tree clearing on the east side of alignment is now complete and the subcontractor is demobilizing. Trash removal continues on the west side of alignment with 6 – 8 roll off containers loaded per shift. The old 4th Iron Rail Line is also being removed which includes 8,000 ft. of rail and ties. The rail will be recycled.

Purpose of Work: Expand the usable space in the right-of-way (ROW) while creating a safe work zone for GLX construction and future train operations.

Approach: Phase I, from the Winthrop Street Bridge in Medford, to the Lechmere Station area in Somerville, along the east/north side of alignment, was completed in May. Phase II, targeting the west/south side of the same stretch (plus a final cleanup along the east/north side of the alignment) is expected to commence in the winter/spring of 2019.

Impacts: All work will be conducted in the ROW. Expect some noise from chainsaws and heavy equipment hauling away debris. Weekdays 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Weekend work is expected.

Benefits: Work helps make space in right-of-way available for Green Line construction.

Pre-Construction Survey

TARGET START: Work underway

Duration: Surveys of each property will take approximately one hour to complete. Work will continue throughout 2018.

Areas impacted: Peer Consultants continues to reach out to homeowners on east/north side of alignment to schedule their surveys. Property surveys will begin this month.

Purpose of Work: Capture existing conditions of homes and businesses along the alignment to compare with final conditions should questions arise concerning adverse construction impacts.

Approach: Document conditions in the ROW before construction begins in earnest. Notifications requesting access to perform survey work (inside & out) were sent to the first phase of affected property owners in late April/early May. Notifications and survey work will continue throughout 2018. Survey work will start on the northern part of alignment and progress south. Like clearing work, the survey will start on the east/north side of alignment.

Impacts: Some time commitment by the part of homeowner.

Benefits: Homeowners will receive a report from the survey. This operation will provide some piece of mind regarding to ensure any project impacts are captured.

Pest Control

TARGET START: Work underway

Duration: Abatement work will continue throughout 2018 and duration of project. Contractor will be out on the project several times a week.

Areas impacted: Baiting continues throughout the alignment. No direct impacts, but as Clearing & Grubbing work progresses we will be closely monitoring baiting stations for activity.

Purpose of Work: Reduce chances of pushing rodent issues from ROW into rail neighbors’ properties.

Approach: A rodent habitat inspection on the ROW has been completed and the Green Line Extension Constructors Pest Management Plan has been adjusted based on the findings. Nearly 500 baiting stations have or will be placed along with baiting in hundreds of burrows.

Impacts: Our goal is to reduce the number of rodents and their habitats. Subcontractor will closely monitor this work to minimize off-property impacts.

Benefits: Construction team is working with the cities of Somerville, Medford & Cambridge to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts with ours.

Soil Boring & Utility Investigation

TARGET START: Work underway

Duration: On-going through summer.

Areas impacted: Work continues throughout the alignment but locations vary.

Purpose of Work: Determine soil and rock quality to support design efforts. Confirm drawings and utility locations match to avoid possible service interruptions during construction.

Approach: Multiple crews with boring and other earth moving equipment are methodically moving operations throughout the entire GLX construction corridor.

Impacts: Minimal.

Benefits: Soil characterization plays an important part in design.

Pre-Construction Sound Monitoring

TARGET START: Work underway

Duration: Several weeks.

Areas impacted: Field noise and vibration monitoring underway at new two locations.

Purpose of Work: Record baseline noise levels on and off the ROW prior to construction start.

Approach: Install sound monitors to track decibel levels throughout day and night.

Impacts: Monitoring creates minimal impact however construction noise will have an impact as the project matures.

Benefits: Allows us to develop plans to minimize noise during construction.

Looking Further Ahead

Demolition of Homan Building (near Medford & Pearl St.)

TARGET START: Summer 2018

Duration: 3 – 4 weeks.

Areas impacted: GLXC is in the final steps to award this contract. While demolition prep work is underway full demolition won’t begin for approximately four weeks. This work along with other activity is being coordinated with the city.

Purpose of Work: Make Way for future Gilman Square Station.

Approach: Standard demolition approach

Impacts: Temporary lane closures possible.

Benefits: Opens area for future construction activity at this site.

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For emergencies relating to Green Line Extension construction work please use our
Emergency Construction Hotline - 1-855-GLX-INFO (459-4636) - 24/7 Coverage

For all other Green Line Extension inquiries please contact the project at

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